Every now and then I’ll come across a random show that I never would have guessed had such powerful storytelling and characters. Hollywood is one of those shows. In this post I will cover some of the things I wished the real Hollywood was like.

What I saw:


Itaewon Class: The Best Revenge is a Life Well Lived

I’ve watched a decent amount of South Korean Dramas (aka K-Dramas), and yet I’ve never really gotten around to writing a post about any of them. The most recent one I watched, Itaewon Class, definitely stood out enough to where…

W3stworld B3stworld: Of Gods of Men

Another show has come to an end in this year of how technology has become our new gods. Devs had a similar theme but in a more not too distant future, whereas Westworld assumes enough time has advanced to where we are able to…

TV Rots Your Brain

This blog is to talk about some of the deeper lessons in the stories that are told through TV and Video Games

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